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Produced by a GAN (generative adversarial network)
StyleGAN (Dec 2018) – Karras et al. and Nvidia
Original GAN (2014) – Goodfellow et al.
Don’t panic. Learn about how it works. is an experimental site that tests cutting edge Artificial Intelligence text generators. All articles and images on are generated by Artificial Intelligence programs, also known as machine learning or ML programs, and curated by a human. Even the image above was created by a computer (you too can generate your own person using This is the only paragraph on this website written by a human. The only other thing written by a human is the citation at the bottom of each page indicating which program(s) was used to create it. Humans do curate what the programs create, however. The purpose of the site is to track the progress of these programs over time by demonstrating their use to produce public-facing content. As AIs learn how to produce better content, the quality of the articles on this site will improve. Everything after this sentence has been autogenerated by a computer using AI / ML applications…

This is only to demonstrate the use of AI systems to produce high quality content. Tickom is currently testing AI’s to produce articles that are more professional than the previous article published here, with emphasis on quality. Tickom is very much interested in feedback from your readers, and in using it to improve the quality of this article, and to continue improving the piece. If you have any ideas or opinions based on this article, or on the way this article has been written, then please do let us know.

The AI is capable of performing simple arithmetic and linear algebra operations using natural language and natural language processing. Most of this text was written in Python but this may be updated in the near future, although it is likely the AI will have more sophisticated techniques to improve the quality of articles as it grows.

Tickom is the place where people test different AI based programs to see how far they can extend them. It is the place to try out different ideas and programs and, with a few tweaks, get a better idea of how to improve each other’s work. I believe in this site, that you will develop the next breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI) — a piece of paper in ink written by an AI.

We take this as a great and significant honor. We want to hear from you!

We appreciate your involvement! Your feedback will help us to make Tickom better. We also welcome any feedback you might have to ideas or suggestions that might improve Ticking, please let us know on Twitter or on our contact page to make your voice heard and we will respond.

[talktotransformer based on GPT-2 117m model by OpenAI was used to generate the above text on 6/11/2019.]